Herbes fondamentales

My fiancé has the nose of a bloodhound, and he’s exceptional at sniffing out exactly what seasonings to use to bring depth, flavor, and aroma to a dish. He created a spice mix that we use as a base for seasoning in many of the Western dishes we make, including our Kidney, Pork Belly, and Mushroom Pie. The mix utilizes herbs and spices that are common to most pantries. I highly recommend making a batch of it and using it as we do—a dash here, a pinch there, for any occasion.

½ tsp fresh ground pepper

1 TBSP ground thyme

1 TBSP dried thyme

½ TBSP garlic powder

½ TBSP parsley

½ TBSP sage

½ TBSP savory

½ TBSP tarragon

½ TBSP marjoram

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