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Blog mission: Beauty in the Bones takes a special interest in changing the way we look at dishes and ingredients that are ignored or rejected by mainstream Western food culture. The blog has a large focus on eating nose-to-tail, foraging, and reinventing leftovers, asserting the cultural, economic, and ecological value of wasting nothing. In addition, the blog draws attention to “strange” local and international dishes and “trash foods,” seeking to reveal their worth and demystify their perceived exoticism or stigmas.

The mind(s) behind the blog: I am Lauren McConnell, a foodie, writer, and artist who lives by the philosophy that you should surround yourself with the things that bring you joy. It’s for this reason that, although I loved the research and writing that achieving my advanced degree in medieval literature entailed, my heart has led me in the direction of funneling these passions into a food blog where I can be myself, write about the things that I care about on a day to day basis, and, moreover, try to make them relevant (or remind people that they have always been relevant) to a larger audience. For more on my philosophy, read “…Into something rich and strange” Part I: The Philosophy of a Foodie.

I’m happiest when I’m in the kitchen with my fiancé, listening to vintage jazz and sipping some wine while trying out a new recipe together. I met William in grad school, and the meals we make each day of the week take us all over the globe. He is an excellent writer of both academic prose and fiction, and the much-appreciated editor of this blog. 

For us, we don’t cook just to eat and survive. To put it another way, the great writer and gourmand Alexandre Dumas would never mistake us for those people who “consider meals mere necessary labor and put everything that may nourish them on the same level, sitting at table like an oyster on his rock.” Cooking is a creative act, and an expression of oneself. It’s about showing your love—for one another, for others, for the ingredients and traditions you’re engaging with. If you share the belief that food is about meaning, not just about sustenance, we hope you’ll join us here.

Contact: To reach me, email beautyinthebones.blog@gmail.com

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