Dill Pesto

The ingredients you can use to make pesto are plentiful and diverse. I use dill here, but you could also make pesto out of those carrot tops that you would normally throw away. Nettle—foraged from your own yard perhaps—also makes a fine pesto. You can use walnuts or pistachios instead of the usual pine nuts. Whatever you enjoy or have on hand will do! And best of all, it freezes well, so you can save some for later!

Herbes fondamentales

My fiancé created a spice mix that we as a base for seasoning in many of the Western dishes we make, which utilizes herbs and spices that are common to most pantries. I highly recommend making a batch of it and using it as we do—a dash here, a pinch there, for any occasion.

Poudre Fort

This spice mix is aptly named—poudre fort means “strong powder” in French. Used in many medieval recipes, it uses bold seasonings like ginger and mace. I like to use it in recipes that normally just call for black pepper, since this adds a bit of a bite and some extra depth.